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What are Molecule mattresses made of?

All layers are 100% polyurethane, made in the USA and CertiPUR-US® certified, which means it is manufactured without chemicals or heavy metals, and are phthalate-free and low-VOC. What’s more, we use a Variable Pressure Foaming process that is the most environmentally-friendly in the industry. Molecule mattresses are antimicrobial and non-toxic.

  • MolecularFlo™ layer features extreme open-cell technology to keep you cool and comfortable. It is 3” thick with a density of 3 lbs. and an Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) of 7-9
  • RecoveryFlo™ layer features hexagon- and diamond-shaped channels for maximum targeted support and airflow. It is 2” thick with a density of 1.65 lbs. and Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) of 23
  • ContourFlo™ layer is the thickest layer (7”) providing you with firm support for proper spine alignment. Density is 1.5 lbs. and Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) is 35

The CertiPUR-US® name and logo are registered certification marks of Alliance for Flexible Polyurethane Foam, Inc., a not-for-profit organization.

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