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Transform your not-so-comfy school mattress into the bed of your dreams. It’s the best (and only) mattress topper on the market specifically designed for college.

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You’ll never want to get out of bed

You probably should though. But hey, we’re not here to tell you how to live your life.

Breathable Cover

Air-Engineered™ For Sleep and Recovery

Easy To Secure Straps

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Elite Students & Athletes

Air-Engineered™ For Optimal Recovery

Each component of the The College Topper™ By MOLECULE™ has been engineered to work synergistically to maximize support, comfort and heat dissipation for the best recovery-focused sleep.

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Sleep Count

About Us

Like so many of the world’s greatest inventions (e.g. telephones, velcro, the snuggie) the College Topper was born out of necessity. Fed up with sleepless nights and groggy mornings, our founders up at MOLECULE HQ decided enough was enough and created an unparalleled, performance-enhancing mattress. From there, developing the most effective mattress topper was only a matter of time.

The College Topper team knows a thing or two about the sleep(less) patterns of college students because not so long ago, we were students ourselves. We realize that when faced with the choice between sleep, school, social life and sports, often students are forced to sacrifice sleep. We’re not here to nag you to sleep more (but once you try this topper, we bet you’ll want to). What we’re here to do is make the sleep that you do get, count.