Experience the cool comfort of Air-Engineering™ with MOLECULE sleep products, now available online with special pricing on



Experience the cool comfort of Air-Engineering™ with MOLECULE sleep products, now available with special pricing on






Mattress with Microban 

Improve your sleep quality, recover faster, and feel energized for the day ahead with the MOLECULE 2 AirTEC™ mattress.  

Our proprietary AirTEC™ foam layer delivers 5x the airflow vs traditional memory foam to provide cooler, deeper, and more recovery-focused sleep throughout the night. 

Incorporating our latest innovation - BioCHARGE™ - this eco-friendly, CertiPUR-US® certified mattress utilizes a unique foam layer infused with a natural and powerful crystal combination that is lab-tested and clinically proven to promote proper cell function, increase oxygen consumption, and improve circulation to help your body recover while you sleep. 



MOLECULE 1 Mattress 

Backed by science. Tested and trusted by elite athletes. Now you can experience the same rest and recovery benefits of our innovative Air-Engineered™ MOLECULE mattresses that helps world champion athletes like Russell Wilson and Alex Morgan perform at their best. 

With three layers of eco-friendly CertiPUR-US® certified foam, the MOLECULE 1 mattress conforms to your body to deliver enhanced pressure relief and support, and uses the latest in sleep science technology to provide maximum airflow for cooler, deeper, and more recovery-focused sleep

Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, you’ll get just the pressure relief and support your body needs for comfy alignment.  

 MOLECULE 1 Mattress

+ MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame 

Optimize your rest, recovery, and overall health with the MOLECULE 1 Mattress + MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame.

When paired with a MOLECULE 1 Mattress, the MOLECULE Adjustable Base provides out of this world comfort and better health by allowing your body to rest and recover with ergonomically-correct sleep and lounge positions. Use the full-function wireless remote control for infinite positions - including anti-snore and a zero-gravity setting based on NASA engineering - while you read, watch TV, lounge, or sleep. 

Studies show that the ergonomic positions of an adjustable bed can also alleviate a variety of health-related ailments including poor circulation, joint stiffness, back & neck pain, snoring, asthma, sleep apnea, acid reflux, swelling, and more.  


MOLECULE AirTEC Mattress Topper 

Why continue to sleep on your old, uncomfortable mattress when you can simply upgrade it by using an Air-Engineered™ mattress topper from MOLECULE?

With a moisture-wicking cover, 3 layers of Air-Engineered™ foam providing maximum airflow, and a sturdy base layer to foster healthy spine alignment, the MOLECULE AirTEC™ Mattress Topper adapts to your body’s temperature, weight and shape throughout the night and provides maximum airflow for cooler, deeper, and more recovery-focused sleep. 

Simply place our Air-Engineered™ mattress topper on your existing bed and get the same feeling of sleeping on a new mattress for a fraction of the price.



Adjustable Foam Pillow

Choose your personal comfort level with the MOLECULE™ Infinity PRO Adjustable Foam Pillow - infinitely adjustable to bring you the coolest, most restorative sleep possible.

Our sleep research shows that every individual has different preferences for pillow height and firmness - so we created the industry’s first ever Air-Engineered™ and infinitely-adjustable pillow. Simply add or remove foam to achieve the perfect firmness and loft you desire

Whether you sleep hot or cold, on your back, side, or stomach, the MOLECULE™ Infinity PRO Adjustable Foam Pillow was designed to satisfy any sleeper. The unique heat conducting fibers in our cover and our shredded open-cell foam work together to keep your head cool and optimize your restorative sleep cycles


MOLECULE Performance Sheets 

Experience the cool comfort of Air-Engineering™ with our temperature-regulating Percale and Sateen performance sheets.

Developed in collaboration with neurologists and sleep doctors and based on decades of sleep-study research, our Air-Engineered™ sheets are lab-tested and scientifically proven to provide a cooler night's sleep

   ✓ Made with eco-friendly materials that wick away moisture to keep skin cool and dry 
   ✓ Our performance sheets provide 2x the air permeability over traditional cotton sheets 
   ✓ Easy-care sheets are wrinkle-resistant, quick-dry, and naturally hygienic for sensitive skin 




Pamper your pets with the Air-Engineered MOLECULE Pet Bed.

No matter what age, size, shape, or kind of pet you have - we're here to support them and you! Whether it's from hard days chasing balls, going for runs, or just laying on the couch, the life of a pet can be tiring. We designed a bed that offers the most stylish and restorative rest available.

This 2-in-1 pet bed features a reversible cushion with one side cozy and the other side cool to accommodate different seasons for your pet. Other features include a removable and machine washable cover, covered zippers, and a grippy bottom to keep the bed in place, no matter how playful your pet is.