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Martex Purity Stay Fresh Pillow

Martex Purity Stay Fresh Pillow

Sleep clean and comfortable with the Martex Purity Stay Fresh Pillow. Featuring a high-loft, luxurious EcoPure fill, this innovative pillow is powered by SILVERbac technology, inhibiting the growth of odor causing bacteria to support a healthier sleep environment.




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Enjoy cleaner, more comfortable sleep

Better sleep begins with better materials. That’s why we’ve leveraged the natural antibacterial power of real silver into our latest pillow so you can rest, recover and recharge in comfort every night.

  • Infused with SILVERbac technology

    which inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria for better sleep hygiene and more restful nights

  • Made with eco-friendly materials

    featuring a luxurious EcoPure fill that’s good for you and the environment

How Silverbac Technology Works

Silver particles are permanently infused with polyester molecules to create a Silverbac fiber.

The new Silverbac fibers are blended with cotton to create a yarn for weaving.

The negatively charged bacteria are attracted to the silver’s positive charge.

The silver ions break down the cell walls and destroy the odor-causing bacteria as soon as they come in contact.

Better sleep for better health

The amount of sleep you get plays a role in determining your overall health, which is why investing in a quality pillow like the Martex Purity Stay Fresh Pillow can make your nights more restful and your days more productive.

Look and feel your best

The antibacterial properties of silver in our pillows - powered by SILVERbac technology - neutralize odor causing bacteria in your pillowcase. It’s permanently woven into the pillow fibers so they never wash out, giving you better sleep for years to come.

Reduce your sleep debt

The endless tossing and turning you experience each night from an uncomfortable pillow has consequences, as your body loses the necessary time for muscle growth, tissue repair, and other important functions. Sleep debt can also affect your mood, thinking skills, appetite, and energy the following day. The generous EcoPure fill of our pillow cradles your head and neck for a more comfortable and consistent sleep every night.

Get rid of neck stiffness and pain

Sleeping with a supportive pillow is the best way to achieve neutral spine alignment and guard against neck stiffness. Our pillow provides the right amount of loft and balanced support to alleviate discomfort while you sleep so you can wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and without pain.

Enhance your beauty sleep

Sleep is not only crucial to overall health, but it’s also nature’s best beauty treatment. Getting 7-9 hours a night and sleeping on a pillow with antimicrobial properties can improve your complexion, eliminate under-eye bags, and help your skin look younger.

Product Details

  • Standard / Queen

    20"W x 28"L

  • King

    20"W x 36"L

Fabric Content:

  • 70% Cotton
  • 30% Polyester with Bio-Shield Fill 100% Polyester

Made in Bahrain (Shell made in Bahrain, finished in USA)

30 Night Sleep Trial