4 reasons to skip brunch and take a nap instead

For many young city-dwellers, nothing says it’s the weekend quite like an indulgent brunch full of everything from avocado toast to unlimited mimosas. A little reflection, though, suggests that you're better off skipping brunch all together and instead indulging in a restorative nap on your new Molecule mattress. We’re not brunch-haters, we just really love naps. Hear us out:

Good for your heart

Naps are a proven way to decrease stress, and stress increases your risk of heart disease. On the other hand, brunch foods—which are typically high in salt and sugar—are kind of the opposite of heart-healthy. Hop into bed for a half hour to recharge, and do your heart some good.

Increased productivity

Sometimes your weekend to-do list makes your weekday work look...weak. Naps have been shown to improve motor performance and boost alertness and productivity, but there’s not much that makes us feel more lazy, less productive, or less coordinated than a decadent plate of French toast. If you’re looking for a weekend of peak performance, skip out on the breach-and-whipped-cream and restore your muscles in bed instead.

All-around easier...

Brunch often means a long wait in line at a crowded and noisy restaurant. Naps mean being comfortable and relaxed in the privacy of your own bedroom. Why would you want to subject yourself to the screeching of noisy brunch fiends when you could instead be tucked cozily away between your Molecule sheets, dreaming of tonight’s oysters and champagne? (See, we’re not totally anti-foodie culture.)

...and cheaper

Let’s be real: brunch is overpriced. Once it’s over, it’s over; you’re never getting that $30 back. But investing in your health is free and something from which you will reap manifold benefits long into the future.

Yes, the verdict is in: the healthiest and most indulgent thing you can do this weekend is take a leisurely nap on your Molecule mattress. And if you grab a mimosa afterwards—well, we won’t tell.