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MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame

MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame
MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame


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Optimize your rest, recovery, and overall health with the MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame.

  • Infinite positions including zero-gravity
  • Full-body massage technology
  • Position memory function
  • Wireless remote control
  • FREE Shipping

*The MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame is FINAL SALE - It’s non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable

At this time, the MOLECULE™ ADJUSTABLE BED FRAME can only be shipped within the contiguous U.S.

Free shipping

Easy assembly

10 Year Warranty

0% Financing

Find your perfect sleep

Customizable, comfortable and restorative. The MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Frame provides the ultimate in recovery-focused sleep.

  1. Compatible with any mattress

    Use your mattress or upgrade your sleep with a new MOLECULE mattress

  2. Full-range mobility

    Position your bed any way you like for incredibly comfy sleeping or lounging

  3. Soothing head-to-toe massage

    Relieve aches & pains and fall asleep faster with massage technology

  4. Dual USB charging stations

    Conveniently charge all of your devices with easy-to-reach USB ports on each side

  5. Full-function wireless remote

    Create your perfect sleep position with multiple preset and memory settings

Better sleep for better health

Studies show an adjustable bed base can help you sleep better and may provide numerous health benefits.

Improve blood circulation

Elevated head and foot positions can help reduce the workload on your heart to circulate blood throughout the body, allowing your entire body to relax more during each sleep cycle stage.

Relieve asthma, sleep apnea and snoring

According to the FDA, sleeping more upright on an adjustable bed helps open breathing passages, which can help prevent asthma attacks, improve sleep apnea symptoms, and reduce snoring.

Alleviate insomnia

Because of the ergonomic nature of adjustable beds, it’s easier to find a sleeping position that’s comfortable to help you fall asleep faster and provide more consistent, uninterrupted sleep.

Man sleeping with lifted head using adjustable bed

Relieve pressure points

By supporting the base of the spine, adjustable beds remove pressure from your back and support your head and neck, providing optimal comfort.

Soothe aching muscles

Full-body massage technology on an electric adjustable bed frame stimulates blood flow, allowing more oxygen to reach fatigued muscles to help you recover quicker.

Improve digestion and acid reflux

Sleeping slightly upright can prevent stomach acids from moving to your esophagus and causing acid reflux, as well as help you from retaining gas in your stomach.

Man awake in bed under sheets

Benefits backed by science

Infinite sleep positions - including one based on NASA engineering - provide out of this world comfort and sleep benefits.

Product Details

  • Queen

    79”L X 58.5”W (Height adjustable to 8”, 11.5” and 15”)

  • Split King (Each Base)

    79”L X 37”W (Height adjustable to 8”, 11.5” and 15”)

800 lb Total Weight Capacity

German Engineered Motor

  • Stand-by Mode is Ultra-Energy Efficient
  • Strong Angle Iron and Steel Tubular Frame Construction

Safety Plus™ Features

  • Emergency Power Down
  • Power Surge Protection

Upscale Charcoal Upholstery Fabric

4” Single Split Deck Design

Recessed Steel Legs Allow for Heights of 8”*, 11.5” and 15”

10 Year Limited Warranty

Years 1 through 2: Full Coverage, Year 3: Parts Only, Years 4 through 10: Limited Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can my mattress rest directly on the molecule adjustable bed base?
    The MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Base can be used in lieu of a bed frame, foundation or box spring. The MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Base does fit inside a sleigh bed or common four post bed, no part of the frame moves downwards.
  • Will my existing mattress work with the molecule adjustable bed base?
    Yes, the MOLECULE Adjustable Bed Base is compatible with most mattresses, with exception of water bed mattresses. If you have any questions about your current mattress working on the MOLECULE Adjustable Base, email our friendly support team or call +1 833-365-REST (+1 833-365-7378).
  • Do i need a split setup?
    If you would like both sides of a King size to be fully customizable (with different experiences), you’ll need two Twin XL mattresses to complete a split King setup.
  • What sizes are available for molecule adjustable bed base?
    Queen (79”L X 58.5”W); Split King (79”L X 37”W) – Split King Adjustable Base comes as 2-Twin XL’s.