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Air-Engineered for Optimal Recovery.

Each component of the MOLECULE™ mattress has been engineered to work synergistically to maximize support, comfort and heat dissipation for the best recovery-focused sleep.

Advanced Cover

Wicks away heat and moisture to keep skin comfortably cool. As your body temperature changes throughout the night, Molecule’s advanced cover material responds dynamically, adjusting evaporation and cooling. Microban® antimicrobial treatment keeps your mattress fresh and clean.

Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban International, Ltd.


The most restorative rest happens when your body temperature is cooler. Only Molecule offers this revolutionary airy, extreme open-cell structure for consistent cooling even when compressed by your body weight. Cozy support with more than seven-times the airflow of traditional memory foam.


Active people need more support and airflow than traditional egg-crate foam mattresses can deliver. Ergonomically-engineered Molecule features a meticulously-engineered matrix of hexagon-and diamond-shaped channels that respond to your unique anatomy and promote airflow even at the deepest depression points. You awake refreshed with relief from sore muscles and joints.


The foundation of the Molecule mattress. An ample 7” of firm support fosters healthy spine alignment. Breathable materials promote even more airflow and heat transfer.

Trusted By Elite Performers

Russell Wilson


The Molecule Advantage.

Air-Engineered™ for optimal sleep and recovery

Cover material responds to body temperature with evaporation and cooling

Geometric zoned reflex layer for targeted and adaptive support and comfort

Non-Toxic, Antimicrobial, Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

As someone who leads an active lifestyle, I pay attention to good nutrition and fitness, and I'm always on the lookout for proven ways to enrich my wellbeing. As an athlete and former Olympian, trust me when I say I understand sore joints and muscles. I know how important good sleep is for our bodies' recovery in feeling our best and propelling us to work and play at peak performance. Sleeping on a Molecule mattress makes me feel well-rested, re-energized and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Nastia Liukin, 5-time Olympic medalist and Olympic Champion

Molecule’s precision design, engineering, and materials form a unique sleep system that maximizes airflow. The layers work together to provide optimal comfort and support along with efficient heat transfer technology that promotes a significant reduction in core body temperature. Research shows this cooling leads to increased time spent in slow wave sleep. More time in this sleep stage has been proven to aid muscle recovery and the production of important hormones. The Molecule mattress is ideal for anyone striving to maximize performance.

Dr. Daniel Barone, MD, Weill Cornell Medical College Center for Sleep Medicine

I wish I had had a MOLECULE mattress when I was training for the Olympics... Sleeping on my MOLECULE means I wake up feeling more refreshed since the cooling technology actually helps me sleep through the night! After I retired from rowing, I still suffered pain from old injuries and didn't feel like I wasn't recovering. Switching to MOLECULE made all of the difference! In fact, I'm almost tempted to start training for the Olympics again...

Susan Francia, 2-time Olympic gold medalist and 5-time World Champion

“We are happy to have Molecule as a new partner of the New York Mets this season.  We are excited to integrate their products at Citi Field and hope to continue the partnership for years to come.”

Jim Cavallini, Director of Performance and Sport Science for the New York Mets

The MOLECULE Difference

Better sleep leads to peak performance. It’s not just the quantity of your sleep, it’s the quality. Your body restores itself most during Slow Wave Sleep—replenishing blood and oxygen and releasing essential hormones.

Sleep scientists and athletes engineered MOLECULE's unique sleep system so you benefit from the most revitalizing stage of rest, optimizing your body’s recovery and performance.


100-Nights Risk-Free and Infinity Warranty

Try MOLECULE 100 nights without risk, and then keep it with comfort and confidence. Our Infinity Warranty protects your mattress for life.


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