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4 Things Really Great Sleepers Have in Common

We all have that friend who can fall asleep anywhere and stay asleep. Whether it’s on a plane, in a car, or during a storm, this friend snoozes well and always wakes up in a good mood. Most of us are NOT that friend. But we can learn from them! Here are some tips from champion sleepers that will help you to improve your own sleep game.

They stick to a schedule

There is a time to be up, and a time to sleep. Great sleepers know that a regular bedtime is everything. They pick a time, get their work done, and turn in when they planned to turn in. Do what our champion sleepers at Molecule do, and get yourself a schedule, and incentivize yourself to stick to it (maybe you get a your favorite latte in the morning if you hit the sheets at the same time all week). We guarantee that it will quickly become a healthy habit.

They sleep in a great environment

Great sleepers use great sleep environments to their advantage. If you’re finding it hard to get good sleep, take a second to scope out your bedroom. Subpar bedding, distractingly bright lights or colors, old mattress, and nearby electronics might be keeping you out of the big leagues of sleep. Try upgrading to a soft, comfortable mattress (Molecule knows a thing or two about that), redecorating your room in muted colors, snagging a pair of soft new sheets, adding an air-clearing plant to the room, and making your bed a phone-free zone.

They don’t rely on naps

Naps may sound relaxing in the moment, but they can also throw off your sleeping schedule, and can be a real rookie move when your goal is to crush the nighttime by getting exceptional sleep. If you have to nap, keep it short, around 20 minutes. Leave the serious sleep for bedtime, like the best sleepers do.

They stay asleep

Getting to sleep might be easy, but staying asleep separates the okay sleepers from the truly great. Bad sleep posture, poor mattress temperature, or even the wrong sheets can make even a great sleeper miss out on a perfect night’s sleep by waking up throughout the night. That’s why great sleepers take their mattress and sheet situation seriously so they can be sure to snooze the whole night through. And the great sleepers here at Molecule have designed our mattresses and sheets to prevent temperature fluctuations, support any body, and ensure deep sleep all night. Don’t mess around with your bedtime: get out there and start sleeping like a pro, with Molecule.