6 Tricks for Weaning Yourself off Tech Before Bed

You live in a world full of technology—believe us, we get it. But what happens when that tech begins to affect your brain as you try to fall asleep? It becomes harder to fall asleep, and your sleep gets disrupted, that’s what. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy 6-step guide for getting tech out of the bedroom, thus setting yourself up for better rest at night, and more (tech-filled) productivity in the morning.

Plan your bedtime

OK, so your sleeping patterns haven’t been the best lately. You often stay up late at night flipping through your phone, browsing Facebook or Instagram, and it’s taking its toll on your sleeping schedule. How do you avoid this? Set up a no-tech bedtime for yourself, and stick to it. This is rule #1 for getting a cozy night’s sleep, and your body will thank you for it.

Don’t work in bed

Most of us check emails, write memos, and generally plan our lives around online systems, and when we do that perched on our bed, it can be difficult to get to right to sleep on that same bed. Try making separate spaces for work and sleep. Treat your bedroom like a sanctuary for rest, and your body will respond by falling asleep more quickly.

Set your alarm before you get in bed

If you are like most people, the last thing you do before closing your eyes is turn to your smartphone and make sure your alarm is set for the next day. Since the blue light emitted from your screen keeps your brain awake, try to make sure that your alarm is triple-checked BEFORE you get into bed. This will keep you focused on what’s important when bedtime comes: shut-eye.

Find a new bedtime activity

Scientists have shown that addiction to technology affects your brain’s ability to relax and fall asleep. Break this cycle by finding a new pre-sleep activity that doesn’t involve your phone. Playing some ambient music, meditating, reading a book, or even journaling are some fun, relaxing activities you can do without a screen in sight

Keep your phone far away from your bed

You need your phone, we get it. It’s how you talk to friends, and keep up on social media, but you definitely don’t need it when you are sleeping. Try putting your phone slightly out of reach, or even better, on a table or dresser far away from your bed. Enjoy bedtime for what it is: a chance to get cozy.

Stick to your plan

So now you have a game plan. Put away that tech right before bed, unwind with a good book, and remember, you’ve already set your alarm, so no need to quadruple-check that screen. Now all that’s left to do is curl up on your wonderfully comfortable Molecule mattress and enjoy some well-earned sleep. Goodnight!