4 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Your Next Set of Sheets

So it’s time to get a new pair of sheets? Great! There are a lot of good options to choose from out there, but the world of sheets can also be pretty overwhelming—and what most people don’t know about sheets could fill a book. So before you go shopping, here’s your very own cheat-sheet (pun absolutely intended).

Opt for wrinkle-resistant, not wrinkle-free

Wrinkle-free is a promise that comes with a catch: wrinkles are kept at bay with spray-on chemicals that are designed to hold a hard shape and can irritate the skin. At Molecule, we’ve worked hard to make sure your sheets stay smooth and cozy, no matter how much you wash them, by weaving them out of a soft and sturdy blend of natural threads without any harmful chemicals. This is important, because it gives you wrinkle-resistant sheets with a great natural feel. Remember to wash in warm water, and tumble dry on low. Your sheets will thank you!

Type of weave is more important than thread count

Contrary to popular myth, thread count isn’t everything. What’s more important for comfort is the length of the fibres. Longer, smoother strands can drastically affect the overall softness of your new pair of sheets. The best thing about Molecule sheets is that they are designed with a high-quality four-over, one-under thread pattern. This is important because it results in a lustrous cotton sateen sheet that is the perfect balance of cozy and smoothly luxurious. Experience the difference that weave type makes.

Nighttime sheets affect your day

We spend almost one-third of our adult lives in bed—and so, obviously,  proper rest is extremely important. Pillows, mattress, mood lighting—all these play into getting better sleep, but sheets may be more important than you think! Sheets directly affect your body temperature at night, and getting to cold or too hot can wake you up in the middle of the night and disrupt your crucial rest time. This is a problem because lack of sleep contributes to stress, lack of focus, and even depression. Molecule’s sheets are crafted with sleep in mind, and use the very best natural technology to find the perfect sleeping temperature for you. No more sleepless nights.

Avoid artificial materials

The best textiles have always been made with love from nature’s own materials. Global warming is happening, and so it’s important to make smart, responsible buying choices when you shop for your home. In a market overwhelmed with cheap polyester fabrics and other petroleum-based threads, it can be difficult to find eco-friendly comfort in sheet form. Thankfully, Molecule has made environmental responsibility a top priority while designing our new line of sheets. We use a cotton-Tencel blend, which uses recycled natural fibers for an incredibly soft sheet that keeps your sleeping body at the ideal temperature. Molecule also uses 100% sustainable water for its products. Talk about a bedtime win-win!

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