How Soccer Player Alex Morgan Prioritizes Time for Recovery

Alex Morgan is pretty much the definition of an all-star: she’s the co-captain of the United State’s National Women’s Soccer Team, she’s helped her team win both the 2015 and 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, she’s competed at the Olympics, won too many medals to list here, written children’s books, and even acted in the 2018 movie Alex and Me. All that, and she makes the time to fight for equal pay for female athletes—a fight that’s become even more personal since she recently announced that she’s pregnant with a baby girl.  

With a schedule like that, it’s no wonder that Alex takes her recovery seriously. With an intense focus both on her diet and on her sleep schedule, here’s how she stays in shape for all the exciting challenges to come, from motherhood to the possibility of Tokyo 2020. 

She’s passionate about her vegan diet

Alex is an outspoken vegan and a compassionate dog mom whose decision not to eat animal products steps from her love of animals. But another perk of her vegan diet is its impact on her athleticism. “Being vegan makes me stronger, and I’ve never felt better,” she says. “I have way more energy now!” She notes that she doesn’t need as much coffee to feel energized as she did in her pre-vegan days, and told USA Today that her plant-based diet “helps with fatigue and recovery.” Now that Alex is pregnant, she’s become more flexible with her vegan diet. “I’ve dipped into the more vegetarian lately,’’ Alex told USA Today Sports, “with the pregnancy, it’s whatever kind of cravings I have that day. But I try to stick to primarily plant-based.’’

She’s leaning on her support system during pregnancy

“I hope to get back on the field as soon as possible,’’ Morgan, 30, told USA Today Sports. To achieve this, Alex is not only focusing on her diet and her sleep schedule—more on that in a minute—but is leaning on those around her, especially when it comes to potentially competing in the July 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. She knows that no woman is an island, no matter how many goals they’ve scored for their country. “There will definitely be an adjustment period,” she says, when looking forward to her due date, “but I have a strong support system.”

She’s obsessive about sleep and recovery

Alex told Entrepreneur, “I abuse my body every day for my job on the pitch, so it is vital to me to feel rested and recovered when I wake up.” Because of this, she considers sleep her most important recovery tool. “When I am able to wind down and get into deep sleep, my recovery is just that much better,” she explains.

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