The Future of Customizable Pillows: Infinity vs. All-Season

Though you spend significant time with your pillow every night, have you ever considered your pillow’s design? Most of us are accustomed to thinking of pillows as those soft things that support our heads while we dream. But at MOLECULE, we’ve scientifically crafted pillows that are incredibly customizable, in order to optimize your restorative sleep cycles. In other words, the future of better sleep is here.

Whether you sleep hot or cold, on your back, side or stomach, MOLECULE pillows were designed to satisfy any sleeper and provide proper head support, spine alignment, and recovery-focused sleep. They’re so good for recovery, in fact, that Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson takes his MOLECULE pillow on the road with him when he plays away games. But which should you choose, the MOLECULE Infinity pillow or the All-Season? 

For infinite customization, choose the Infinity

When our world-renowned sleep doctors and neurologists were designing these pillows based on decades of data, they also discovered that everyone has a different idea about what the perfect pillow looks like. Some want a taller pillow, some want a shorter one; some want their pillow to be firm, some prefer a softer touch. That’s why we created the Infinity pillow, the first-ever infinitely-adjustable pillow that is meticulously designed to satisfy any sleeper. The foam inside, which is what allows this pillow to be so customizable, is CertiPUR-US certified and eco-friendly.

The high and firmness of this pillow is completely up to you—just add or remove foam from the pillow until you achieve the effect you want. The pillow can go as low as 2 inches, or as high as 7.9. We’ll even send you an extra bag of foam for more options.

For advanced temperature control, try the All-Season

Many of us prefer a different pillow depending on the weather, which is why we came up with the game-changing All-Season pillow. This pillow’s dual-sided advanced fiber technology means you can use the cool side during hot summer nights and the cozy side when winter hits. 

The All-Season offers more than just temperature options, too. It offers three-level adjustability with just one zip, meaning you can customize the pillow’s firmness to soft, medium, or firm, simply by opening or closing the zippers. The result is that every time you sleep, you can select your ideal temperature and firmness, leaving you with a truly customizable bedding experience. 

For long-lasting support, cooler sleep, and sustainability, try either pillow

Every one of our pillows is built to last, with materials like our poly-puff down alternative that won’t indent and grow misshapen over time. Plus, as with all our other MOLECULE products, our pillows are Air-Engineered™ to maximize the airflow throughout the product, helping to keep your core body temperature cool overnight, which in turn leads to deeper, more restorative sleep. 

And if you’re worried about the environmental impact of your products, you’ll be glad to hear that our pillows pass the highest standard of testing for harmful chemicals and dyes, are made with earth-friendly materials like TENCEL™ fibers (derived from sustainable wood sources) and poly puff down-alternative (animal cruelty-free). Even better, our manufacturing processes exceed all global environmental regulations. So you can lay your head down on our pillows knowing you’re not only doing the best for your body but for the earth, too.