This Peloton Tread Instructor’s Daily Routines Are Efficient and Realistic

On paper, a leisurely morning routine full of meditation and relaxation and visualization might sound wonderful—but in reality, sometimes it’s best to be brisk and efficient when starting your day. And nobody does brisk and efficient better than Andy Speer, a Peloton Tread instructor living in NYC whose days are spent teaching everything from running to HIIT to bootcamps with names like “Glutes and Legs” or “Chest and Back.” 

He’s also engaged to a fellow fitness instructor who understands the importance of good sleep—and coffee in the morning. Here’s how he starts and ends his day.

First: not one drink, but three

After waking up at 6 AM, Andy drinks three beverages in a row: a large glass of water from his Berkey filter, a serving of Athletic Greens, and one to one-and-a-half cups of coffee with whole milk.

Then it’s time for food, but he starts light. “Usually yogurt with seeds,” he says. “I eat eggs, toast and fruit one to two hours later depending on schedule.”

Next up? A bit of quick movement

Andy’s first physical activity of the day is five to ten minutes of mobility and stretching. Then, he moves into another five minutes of activity, depending on what the rest of his day holds.

If he’s teaching a class, he’ll do five minutes of running to warm up. If he’s training clients or working on his computer, he’ll do handstands. 

For Andy, technology isn’t the enemy

While some people like to keep technology at bay for as long as possible, Andy finds that he gets a lot of work done on his computer in the AM. “I often wake up early to program and write when my brain is clear,” he says, “so I will open the computer fifteen to twenty minutes after walking to work.” Emphasis on work, though. As he adds, “I usually wait until I leave the apartment—or at least until after writing—to open social media.”

After work, his wind-down routine is equally efficient

For fifteen to thirty minutes immediately after getting home, he’ll eat and decompress. Then, it’s back to the grind—just for a bit. “I usually have a second wind for one to two hours of computer work after dinner, before bed,” he says, “which is ideally 10:30-11pm.”

His final snack is a throwback to childhood

If you think that everyone in the fitness world is ending the day with a protein shake, think again. Andy likes to end his days with a bit of indulgence. “Usually chocolate chip cookies and milk or some gummy bears,” he says, when asked about his last snack of the day. “My two go-to desserts! I always drink a big glass of water right before bed, too.”

For sleeping, it’s all about comfort—and the promise of coffee the next day

Andy tries to keep his room dark by pulling down his blackout shades, though he admits that when living in the city, it’s hard to achieve total blackness. One unusual perk of his bedroom? The snake plant next to his bed. “It increases oxygen at night,” he notes. 

As far as what he’s sleeping on: “My MOLECULE mattress, of course,” he says. “Seriously, I have never slept better and felt more refreshed. Even when I don’t get as much sleep as I’d like, it’s always quality sleep.”

And last but not least: his fiancée, Alex is an integral part of both his morning and night routines. “Alex sets the coffee and fills the Berkey at night,” he says. “Doesn’t get much better than that.”

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