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How do you set up the topper?

For the Slip Cover: (covers top side of foam): Lay foam on mattress, put cover over foam, tuck edges around topper & mattress

For the Full Cover:

  1. In the room you plan to use your topper, open the topper box. Remove the cover and the rolled up foam and set aside.
  2. Unwrap and unfold the cover, lay it upside down on top of your mattress with the grey fabric (side with the zipper) facing up. For orientation, the “MOLECULE” label logo should be at the foot of the bed on the left.
  3. Unzip the zipper. Let the grey fabric fall off to the right side of the bed. You should be looking at the inside of the cover.
  4. Unwrap the foam on top of your open cover and let it expand. If you have a multiple layered topper, make sure the dark blue foam is facing up.
  5. Fit the covers corners onto the foam
  6. Lay the grey flap of fabric over the exposed foam and then fully zip the cover.
  7. Once your cover is on your foam and zipped, flip the entire topper over.
  8. To ensure proper orientation, The MOLECULE logo label should be at the foot of the bed on the right side and the law label is at center closest to the head of the bed.
  9. Enjoy! you're ready to use!

Please note: 

Your mattress topper will expand immediately and start to regain its natural shape.  It may take up to 24 hours for your mattress topper to fully expand. 

When you put sheets on your bed, place the fitted sheet OVER both your topper and mattress.