3 Surprising Reasons Pro Athletes Care So Much About Mattresses

Common wisdom holds that the way to look and feel great in your body is by sticking to a regular workout schedule and eating a healthy diet. But if you ask professional athletes like Nastia Liukin and Susan Francia what their best-kept secrets are, you'll learn that one of them is a bit unexpected: their mattress.

Yes, having a proper mattress is extremely important when it comes to optimal physical and mental performance. Here are the reasons why you shouldn't skimp on your mattress if you're trying to perform at the top of your abilities. Because if pro athletes care this much about their mattresses—shouldn’t you?

A good mattress helps your body repair

Athletes know that sleep is when the body repairs itself. You can lift as many weights or eat as much kale as you want, but without proper sleep, you won’t see the full benefits from your daytime activities. In fact, you’ll leave yourself vulnerable to injuries and fatigue, whereas proper sleep leads to fewer injuries and faster recovery. Because of this, how and where world-class athletes spend their sleeping hours is just as important as how they train during the day.

A good mattress enhances your mental state

Proper sleeping habits have been shown to enhance the mental aspects of athletic performance. High-quality sleep is correlated with improved memory and enhanced ability to learn new techniques. You can study your opponents and practice new techniques all you want, but every top athlete knows that the only way to truly reap the benefits of all their hard work is by getting plenty of snooze each night. And quality sleep starts with a quality mattress.

A good mattress supports your bones

A high-quality mattress gives your body the support it needs to feel fresh and energized the next day. Sleeping on a mattress that does not lend the proper support to your spine, back, and neck means that you very well may be actively undoing the benefits of the day’s rigorous training. For this reason, professional athletes are careful to select a mattress like Molecule’s—a mattress that’s been engineered to help their bodies recover overnight, with all the proper support and temperature control that that entails.

Many world-class athletes pay upwards of five figures a year for a professional sleep coach. Luckily, the Molecule mattress offers you a night's sleep fit for a professional athlete at a much more affordable price tag. Like Nastia Liukin and Susan Francia, you’ll wake up on a Molecule mattress ready to seize the day.