5 Reasons You Should Decorate Your Bedroom in Neutral Colors

Are you starting to daydream about redecorating your bedroom? You may love bright colors, but consider keeping them in the busier, more energetic corners of your house, like the kitchen or family room. For your place of retreat, a neutral palette is best.

Sound blah? Neutrals minimize distraction and maximize rest, making them the perfect choice for a bedroom. Plus, they come in more shades than you may think: soft grays, pale blues, fresh whites, and creamy beiges are only the beginning! Take a look at these five reasons to surround yourself with colors that whisper rest:

Neutrals are restful

Bright colors stimulate the eye, and can make you feel energized or even hungry. Great for a kitchen—not so much for a bedroom. In contrast, neutrals create quietude. When you enter a bedroom where neutrals surround you, your senses find serenity and your whole body relaxes.

Neutrals eliminate distraction

Like soft rain, a still lake, or a quiet desert, neutrals draw you away from the busyness, chaos, and stress of the day. Bedtime is the time to clear the mind, not fill it with visual noise. And unlike strong colors, neutrals won’t make you feel boxed in by four walls.

Neutrals give you flexibility

Start with a canvas that is neutral and you can create any look. Tired of those flowered throw pillows? Change them to whimsical stripes! Done with that southwest blanket folded at the end of the bed? Bring out great-grandma’s patchwork quilt! With a neutral backdrop, you can switch up the focal points of your bedroom at minimum cost and effort.

Neutrals can blend and vary

Neutrals go with neutrals: think morning sky over the desert, variations in the ocean waves, cloud after cloud in a gorgeous sky. And a monochromatic palette doesn’t have to be boring! Different textures and patterns can be layered to create depth and interest, especially on your bed. Think silky-smooth powder blue sheets layered under a nubby off-white throw, or ivory sheets tucked beneath a creamy beige coverlet.

Neutrals show off your treasures

Family photos, an heirloom vase, fresh cut flowers, arrangement of candlesticks...your favorite things won't disappear in a crowd of color. When your bedroom is done up in a peaceful palette, they'll become  focal points that delight you morning and night.

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