7 Ways to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

If you haven’t given much thought to the arrangement of your bedroom’s furniture and colors, stop right there: a bedroom with the right feng shui promotes a harmonious flow of restful, nourishing, and sensual energy, encouraging both calm and pleasure. Worth a quick bedroom makeover, right? So whether you’re in your bedroom for a full night’s sleep or some excitement between the sheets, here are seven ways to encourage proper chi.

Earth tones

Choose soothing colors for restorative sleep and some sexual healing. The best palette includes warm, rich earth and skin colors, from deep brown to terra cotta to soft white.

Positive images

Adorn your walls with imagery that makes you feel happy. Make sure the bedroom art you choose evokes feelings of love, healing and imagery—nothing dark and gloomy for your sanctuary!

Keep your bed centered

Ensure proper bed placement. Make sure your bed is easily approachable from both sides, never keep your bed directly in line with your bedroom door, and balance out bed chi with two nightstands—one on either side. Of course, it’s also important to invest in a quality mattress and bedding to further foster harmonious energy.


Let the light in...

In feng shui, natural lighting is considered medicine for your body. So during the day, let in the sun; and at night, light candles for their energy clearing properties and their warm, calming glow.


…but keep your doors closed

Your bedroom door, your closet doors, even your attached bathroom door, if you have one: you want them all closed to keep nourishing energy in, allowing for the most restful sleep and an energetically healthy relationship.

Keep out the electronics

No computer, television, or exercise equipment allowed! These devices not only emit dangerous electromagnetic radiation, they also carry the energy of work and stress. No bueno for the boudoir.

Fling open a window

Fill your room with fresh air! Open your windows during the day to keep oxygen flowing, and if your room is large enough, keep air-purifying plants in your space—just make sure your green friends are located several feet from your bed so that there’s breathing room around your bed.