4 things doctors want you to know about healthy sleep

Sleep can feel like a mysterious world full of cryptic dreams and random nighttime wakeups. All you can do is plop down in bed and hope you snooze well—or so we tend to think. The truth of the matter is that science has studied sleep extensively, and knows that a good night of sleep is science, not magic. Here’s what the docs can tell you about your nightly snooze.

Nap less

If you're tired, take a nap, right? Wrong! Doctor Stephen Amira of Harvard Medical School debunks this age-old myth, proposing that this creates a cycle of fatigue that actually makes it harder to fall asleep in the evening. Your brain requires longer periods of time to reach ideal levels of recovery, and naps can lead to chronic fatigue. “Nap less,” he argues, suggesting that taking time to create a proper sleep environment, and routine, is more valuable to healthy living, and sleep. Molecule has designed its mattresses to stabilize each night’s rest for long-term sleeping success.

Sleep on a comfortable mattress

How you sleep is as important (if not more important) than when you sleep—and comfortable sleeping arrangements make it easier to fall and stay asleep. The doctors of the National Sleep Foundation recommend making sure your mattress is comfortable and supportive, and encourage assessing the life expectancy of old mattresses, especially ones that contain older-style fabrics, which may have allergens. Molecule's unique design keeps this in mind, and promotes maximum nighttime comfort with eco-friendly materials, for deep sleep that won’t bother your allergies.

Active days lead to restful nights

The American Sleep Association advocates a study that showed how “introducing a moderate exercise program resulted in improved quality and duration of sleep.” In one of the studies with older individuals, “sleep increased by 1¼ hours nightly” when the individuals started working out regularly. Working out helps the body fall asleep better and promotes natural rhythms that improve overall nighttime rest. Enhance your fitness-conscious approach to sleep with a Molecule mattress, which is designed to help your muscles recover from the day’s workout overnight.

Good sleep reduces the risk of diabetes

Sleeping right is no small matter for your long term health! Doctor Rosenberg, reporting for the American Sleep Association, writes, “A study showed that people who (habitually) slept for only a few hours were not able to process glucose as efficiently as those who got eight hours of sleep.” This contributed to later health problems, especially a higher likelihood of contracting Type 2 Diabetes. As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, keeping your sleep a priority is extremely wise, and there are few better ways to ensure a good night’s sleep than a comfortable mattress designed to make every night restful and healthy. Molecule's vision is to maximize your health by improving the way you sleep, every night of your life.