How Sleep Is Helping Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin Get Back Into The Best Shape Of Her Life

Gymnast Nastia Liukin has kept quite busy since winning five medals at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. Among other things, she’s earned her degree from NYU, started and maintained a popular lifestyle blog, competed on Dancing with the Stars, and authored a book. But these days, she’s on a different sort of mission: Nastia plans to get into the best shape she has been in since competing as an Olympic athlete ten years ago.

How does she plan to go about this? She has, of course, committed to a rigorous workout routine and a healthy diet, but most surprisingly, Nastia’s new Molecule mattress has played a vital role in her game plan as she returns to peak physical form.

A mattress fit for an Olympian? That’s right. As has been demonstrated by a growing body of scientific research, getting a proper night's sleep is just as important to achieving optimal performance as anything an athlete does in their waking hours. During sleep, the benefits of the work done during the day seep into the body and mind, and the body is given the quiet time it needs to truly recover. Whether someone’s just looking to get a little bit more flexible, or embarking on a workout routine fit for a gold medal gymnast, anyone serious about their workouts must start sleeping on a mattress that enables their body to get the rest it needs.

Molecule mattresses are designed to guarantee just this type of deep, restorative sleep. As Nastia explains: “Molecule mattresses are air engineered with patent pending technology to maximizing air flow leading to optimal rest and recovery.” While mattresses that are saggy, bumpy, old, or carelessly built will work against your body, making it difficult to get a truly uninterrupted night of high quality sleep, Molecule mattresses are designed to support you right and regulate your body temperature throughout the night. This means that you won’t get too hot or too cold, but instead can bask in the uninterrupted bliss of sleep as your muscles repair themselves.

Nastia has herself reaped the benefits of this new technology. “Ever since I started sleeping on my Molecule mattress,” Nastia says, “I sleep so well, and wake up the next morning feeling well rested and reinvigorated.” Try Nastia’s prefer mattress for 100 days, risk-free. When you wake, you very well may be ready for the balance beam.