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How to Stay Healthy With Cleaner Bedding

Now, more than ever, people are increasingly germ-conscious. We’re carrying around hand sanitizer, opening doors with our shirt sleeves, and using disinfectant wipes on every surface. All of these precautions are helping people to feel safe against illness, but one huge area is being overlooked—the bedroom. Most people don’t realize that their bedroom is teeming with germs and bacteria. So much so, that there are often crossover strains of bacteria between your pillow and your toilet. That’s why, it’s more important than ever to consider antimicrobial, antibacterial, clean sleep products. 

How Dirty is Your Bedroom?

The average bed contains between 100,000 and 10 million dust mites [1]. These little critters feed off of our dead skin, something that’s shedding daily. Without antimicrobial bedding, the mites (living and dead) add up over time. Why is this concerning? Aren’t we equipped to handle these kinds of germs? The answer is yes and no. According to Discover Health, a cubic meter of indoor air can host to up to 10 million bacteria cells. While for some, this may cause a bit of mild congestion or a sore throat in the morning, others can have serious allergic reactions that can lead to respiratory illness. Acne is another common consequence of a dirty bed and pillow [2]

What Can You Do About It? 

Simple routines can help rid your bedroom of some of the bacteria and germs. Pillowcases should be swapped every few days, and sheets should be washed weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your skin and allergy sensitivity. Mattresses should be rotated anywhere from once a month to once a year, depending on the quality of the mattress. For example, a mattress like the MOLECULE 1 has been scientifically proven to regulate the microclimate between your body and the mattress. This, paired with consistent air flow, makes for a more cooler, more comfortable mattress. That’s why pro-athletes like Russell Wilson choose MOLECULE. It’s as dependable as it is comfortable [3]

Another simple thing you can do before getting into bed—make sure you’re clean. Studies show that something as simple as washing your face before bed can reduce acne, wrinkles, and even the chance of eye infections. Showers before bed can also lead to better sleep and inspire focus and creativity [4].

Rest Easy Knowing Your Sanctuary is Clean with MOLECULE

Now that you know how dirty your bed is, wouldn’t you love to have a clear cut solution to this problem? Even if sheets are washed and mattresses are flipped daily (which no one should ever do) it doesn’t compare to antibacterial bedding that will fight germs while you sleep. 

MOLECULE  has perfected AEGIS and SILVERbac micro shield technology. These safe disinfectants have been crafted by a team of researchers and scientists to stay on bedding and mattresses. There are no side-effects and no need for reapplication. They eliminate stains, odors, deterioration, and inhibit the growth of bacteria and other dangerous microorganisms. 

Sheets are another hotbed for germs and something you want to wash every two weeks and replace every two years. MOLECULE's Percale and Sateen sheets are temperature regulated, skin and eco-friendly. They also use TENCEL fibers which restrict moisture, and, in turn, eliminate bacteria. Not only will these sheets feel better than anything you've ever felt, they will keep you cool and clean. 

Like a sponge in the sink, pillows are places where bacteria thrive. MOLECULE has developed a pillow that you can feel good about. The Martex Purity Stay Fresh Pillow is infused with SILVERbac technology. It’s guaranteed to stay odor-free and optimally hygienic.  

Fight Bacteria While You Sleep

With all the stressors of today’s world, maintaining a consistent, quality night’s sleep can be difficult. Don’t lay awake thinking about the excess skin-cells and mounds of bacteria on your bedding. Don’t wake up with a sore throat, a new pimple, or an eye-infection. Invest in bedding that’s going to help protect your body from these invisible intruders. Sleep like a champion and choose MOLECULE!

Written By: Guest Collaborator, Lindsay Haber