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Percale Vs. Sateen—What’s Right For Me?

Choosing a bed sheet might seem simple at first until you realize that your geographical location, your health and fitness goals, and even the season itself can really affect which bed sheet you choose. Do you want lightweight or luxurious? Silky or soft? MOLECULE offers two types of sheets—Percale and Sateen—so let’s take a deeper dive into the benefits of each. 

For warmer climates and athletes who toss and turn—try our Percale Sheets

Our Percale Sheets feel crisp and soft when you run your hands over them. They’re ultra-breathable, Air-Engineered ™ with a lightweight, airy feel, and feature a matte finish due to a plain-weave. This makes them ideal for summer weather, or for people who live in warmer parts of the world year-round. In fact, they’re often used in five-star hotels.

They’re extremely durable, and instead of slowly wearing out after every wash, they just get softer. Their durability makes these sheets perfect for those with busy, active schedules—you don’t have to worry about tossing them in the wash as many times as you want. Plus, they’re wrinkle-resistant, which means you certainly won’t need to iron them afterward. And since they’re made from a unique blend of cotton and TENCEL™️ Lyocell, these crisp sheets wick heat and moisture away from your body, enabling you to recover faster overnight.

For crisp days and sleepers who like to feel cozy—try our Sateen Sheets

Open up one of our Sateen Sheet sets and you’ll see that this is a heavier sheet, more drapey and silk-like than the Percale option. If you’re someone who likes a little more weight on you while you sleep, if your apartment runs cold, or if winter is coming, this buttery-smooth option might be better for you. They’re also a great option for sensitive skin. These sheets get their silk-like texture from TENCEL™️ fibers, which are smooth even when viewed under an electron microscope.

This isn’t to say that our Sateen Sheets capture heat, though—they’re made with TENCEL™️ Lyocell, a fabric that absorbs moisture far better than cotton or other synthetics do. This means that they’ll keep your skin dry and your body’s temperature regulated all night long so that you won’t wake up in a pool of sweat, no matter the season. 

For anyone focused on deep sleep and optimal recovery—try either set

We love the difference in texture that our sheets provide, but we’d be remiss not to mention that every pair of our sheets is scientifically engineered to support your recovery. They’re Air-Engineered™ and made with a unique blend of cotton and TENCEL™️ Lyocell in a 300 thread count, meaning that we’ve constructed them from one of the softest and most breathable fabrics available, without sacrificing any durability. Compared to other traditional bedding materials like cotton or polyester, TENCEL™️ Lyocell fibers have been scientifically proven to improve quality of sleep and provide users with a higher recovery rate. They’re also skin-friendly, eco-friendly, and have moisture-absorbing properties that make it unfriendly for bacteria growth.

In short, their Air-Engineered™ construction and advanced, moisture-wicking materials mean that your body will stay cool and dry all night, regulating your core temperature and making it easier for you to reach the deep stages of sleep, where the most recovery happens.