Why Air-Engineering Isn’t Just for Nike Sneakers

Athletes love Nike’s air technology, in which engineers insert pressurized air into the bottom of each shoe to increase spring, absorb impact, and keep the entire product as light as possible. At MOLECULE, we’re equally obsessive about harnessing the power air in our bedding and mattresses, so that you can perform at peak speed all day and then fully recover all night. In fact, all of our products are Air-Engineered™, bringing you optimal sleep—for ultimate performance. 

Breathable bedding means better sleep

What do we mean when we say our products are Air-Engineered™? We mean that every product at MOLECULE is designed to maximize airflow and facilitate cooling. 

For example, our MOLECULE 2 mattress has seven times the airflow of traditional memory foam, and that airflow continues even when the mattress is compressed. We’ve also made sure that each layer of our mattresses and toppers is incredibly breathable, promoting even more airflow throughout the entire product during the night.

Why does airflow matter when it comes to sleep, though? Glad you asked.

Designed to keep you cooler than cool

MOLECULE’s Air-Engineered™ products help regulate your body temperature throughout the night, transferring heat away from the body—an important component of getting the most restorative sleep possible. The constant airflow in our products helps to keep your body temperature lowered, and we even use materials in our mattresses, mattress toppers, and sheets that wick moisture and heat away from your body as you sleep. The result? You’ll stay dry and cool all night long.

And what does a long, cool night of sleep mean? It means you’ll be in high-performing shape tomorrow, that’s what.

Slow Wave Sleep is the secret

In order to have a quality night of sleep, your body’s core temperature needs to drop. However, your body’s thermoregulation is less efficient during sleep, which is why it’s vital to rely on external factors—like the products you’re sleeping on—to help you cool down. 

Sleep comes in four stages, and if your body’s core temperature doesn’t cool down sufficiently, it’s harder for you to reach—and stay in—the third, deepest stage, called Slow Wave Sleep. This stage is where the magic happens: the blood supply to your muscles increases, repairing muscle and tissue; your body releases a hormone called prolactin that’s essential for joint recovery; your brain releases human growth hormone, which stimulates cell regeneration. All of this is vital for feeling good the next day, but it’s simply not achievable unless your body can get cool enough.

And that’s where our Air-Engineered™ products sweep in to save the day. Each one of our products is meticulously designed, using
advanced materials and decades of research, to maximize airflow. The result? A cutting-edge bedding system that’ll give you the best sleep of your life, all by harnessing something as simple—and vital—as the air you breathe.