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5 Ways Your Mattress Can Help With Your Workout

When you think about optimizing your workout, you probably think about the perfect gym, the ideal number of reps, or even the right energy bar. But a great workout starts hours before you actually get to the gym. It starts, believe it or not, when you go to bed the previous day. If your body is resting on a great mattress, you’re optimizing yourself for success at the gym even when you’re dreaming at home. Here’s what a mattress like Molecule’s can do for your workout routine:

1. Increased energy

When you wake up refreshed and fully rested, it’s far easier to get the most out of your daily exercise—and to avoid making excuses. Molecule mattresses are designed with athletes in mind, and combine high-tech temperature control with maximum body support. This is important because it means you’ll sleep deeply, you’ll feel better in the morning, and you’ll have the energy to give it your all at the gym.

2. Improved muscle-building

Your body is designed to rebuild itself at night. Studies have shown that human growth hormone (HGH) is released throughout your body at night, and that this hormone strengthens and repairs muscles that have been put under strain during the day. When sleep is better, muscle development is better, and it all starts with your mattress. Molecule’s mattresses optimize the time your body spends repairing itself, which means the hard work you do at the gym won’t be wasted later that night.

3. Faster recovery time

It's common for athletes to feel sore for days following a particularly hard workout, but why waste time? Your body adapts to fatigue and muscle stress at night, when blood flow to injured tissues is highest. Molecule mattresses are designed to optimize this natural recovery process by helping you get the best, deepest sleep of your life. Soreness, begone!

4. Heightened mental focus

Nothing feels worse than competing when your head isn't in the game, which is why you need a good night's sleep to keep you sharp and focused. A good mattress helps you get to sleep. A great mattress keeps you at the right level of sleep all night. Molecule mattresses maximize your brain's recovery time at night by stabilizing your sleep environment, which means you wake up more energized mentally.

5. Improved routine

Every good trainer knows that consistency is key. With a lumpy mattress, or one that doesn’t support you properly, every night sets you back. Without proper sleep, and a proper mattress, your body falls into "sleep debt," in which you’re always trying to catch up, and constantly feeling fatigued. By giving you support night after night, Molecule's mattresses are designed to keep your training on track.