7 Mother’s Day Gifts for the Mom Who Needs More Sleep

If you ask a busy mom what she’d really like for Mother’s Day, she'll likely say, “A good night's sleep!” It sounds like a joke—or an impossible request—but with a little ingenuity, you can actually turn her ideal into a package. Here are seven ways to help Mom clear her mind of the day’s tiring duties, and truly relax into sweet dreams.

1. Essential Oil Diffuser

When you’re searching for the perfect diffuser, think of accessorizing her room: what color and shape would look lovely on her bed stand? And don't forget the oils themselves! Lavender, rose and Roman chamomile are among the most relaxing.

2. Tea

Speaking of chamomile, what's more cozy than a cup of tea? Wrap teabags in tissue paper, tie them with a ribbon, and put them in a bedtime-only mug. A round ceramic option in a soothing pastel shade is the perfect shape for cupping in her hands and warming her through and through.

3. Books

Bedtime books aren't just for children: a collection of poetry, or book about wildflowers, will transport her away from the everyday. Look for a pretty cover that’ll suit her bedside table and a small size that's easy to hold while she cuddles deep into her pillow.

4. A New Pillow

No mother wants to wake up with a sore neck. Goose down, buckwheat, or even a body pillow—there’s a pillow for every sleep issue, at every price point, guaranteed to take away restless sleep and ensure sweet dreams.

5. Silk Pajamas

Is she sleeping in an old t-shirt? Buy her those silk pajamas that she would never splurge on for herself. Tip: Avoid stiff lace that may be itchy at the neck.

6. A Fountain

Does she love the sound of water? A small, soothing fountain will lull her into pleasant dreams. Opt for a minimalist shape that won’t clutter up her bedroom.

7. A New Mattress

A Molecule mattress is the ultimate dream gift for the mom who needs her sleep. The right sights, sounds, and scents can help her relax, but deepest rest only happens during the night, when her entire body recovers from a hard day. Our mattresses ensure optimum comfort, support, and body temperature for even the most hardworking moms. It's a gift that will make her feel like every day is Mother's Day!