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6 Ways to Make Your Bedroom a Sleep-Positive Zone

When it comes to sleep, your environment matters more than you think. If your nightstand is covered in a week’s worth of empty drinking vessels, your phone lights up every five minutes from a group text gone berserk, a spring jabs you in the tailbone each time you breathe, and you’re sweating through your memory foam mattress…it’s no wonder you can’t get the quality snooze you need. Check out these six ways to make your bedroom a place where sleep comes to stay.

1. Find a cooler mattress

A cooling, memory foam mattress is imperative for comfortable, quality sleep. Body temperature greatly impacts the amount of time spent in recuperative deep sleep. And fortunately, there's a mattress concerned with exactly that: Molecule mattresses allow for maximum airflow, diverting heat and moisture for temperature-neutral sleep, all while promising the comfort of a memory foam mattress.

2. Embrace the darkness

If your eyelids flutter open between REM cycles (which is highly common), the glow of your phone from across the room, streetlights, and even a bright moon can wake you and mess with your circadian rhythms. So shut those drapes, keep your phone elsewhere, and prepare for cave-like slumber.

3. Bathe your nostrils in nice smells

Your bedroom should be a place that smells like delicious snooze—not, say, dirty socks. Diffuse calming lavender essential oil, or light a sandalwood candle or three. Rose, bergamot, jasmine, and chamomile are also great nighttime choices for your nose.

4. Chill out

By that, we mean turn the temperature down. Colder temps tell your body it’s time to sleep, so dial the thermostat back and snuggle into your cooling Molecule mattress.

5. Clear out the clutter

There should be nothing more on your nightstand than, say, a good book, a glass of water, and your eyeglasses. If every surface in your bedroom is teeming with unnecessary stuff, your brain real estate is probably likewise overpopulated. Think minimalist, zen, spa-like…see? Nicer already.

6. Put on your comfiest socks

It’s an old wives trick, but it’s stuck around for a reason. Yes, the rumors are true: wearing comfy, loose-fitting socks is proven to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. It has to do with the dilation of the blood vessels in your (warmed-up) feet, which tell the brain that it’s bedtime—but all you have to know is that it’s cozy, and that it works.