This Peloton Instructor’s Daily Routine Will Inspire You Start Your Day With Sea Salt and Side Bends

Emma Lovewell is a wellness renaissance woman—Peloton instructor, Under Armour athlete, former professional dancer, health and wellness expert, and the founder of her own brand, LIVE LEARN LOVEWELL™. Here, she walks us through her daily routines, showing us how she wakes up—and how she winds down. 

She starts her morning routine with gratitude...and Himalayan sea salt

“I practice gratitude right when I wake up,” says Emma. “I quickly think of three things i'm grateful for. Then I think about goals, and think of my top priorities for the day. After that I get up, drink a glass of water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, and Himalayan sea salt. I make a matcha tea, and take a few stretches. If I have the time, I will journal for about ten minutes, and meditate for another ten.”

Her movements start slow

Sure, she’s a fitness instructor, but her first physical activity of the day is low-key and focused on loosening up. “Stretching,” she says. “Simple touch-your-toes stretches, downward dog, side bends, etc.”

Breakfast is protein-packed

After hydrating, stretching, and thinking about the day ahead, Emma turns her thoughts to breakfast. “I usually eat eggs, or oatmeal in the morning,” she says.

Her phone? Off—but not for long

“I try to spend at least 10 minutes technology free,” says Emma—though she acknowledges that that’s not always possible. Sometimes, her goal is simpler: “However long I can manage without it, in the morning.”

At nighttime, she turns to tea

Emma’s days are full of physical activity, so she likes to keep her nights cozy. “I like to put on comfortable clothes as soon as I come home for the night, usually sweatpants,” she says. “I often have a cup of hot Rooibos tea and put my diffuser on with a lavender blend of essential oils.”

She keeps her workouts to the daytime

“I don't usually like to exercise in the evening,” she says, “because it gives me energy when I'm really trying to wind down.” Instead of ending the day with a workout, she relies on hot tea and essential oils to destress. 

A cool, dark bedroom is key

“As a Peloton cycling instructor, I need to have a good amount of energy throughout the day to perform my best,” Emma says. “It’s imperative that I have a good night's sleep, so I am feeling good and energized throughout my day.” 

To achieve this, she keeps her bedroom soothing. “I definitely put the shades down, so it’s nice and dark,” she says. “I like to put the fan on to keep good airflow and that white noise sound helps to drown out any other city noises. I have a diffuser that I use as well, usually a lavender blend for night time.” 

And sometimes she’ll pull out one last routine before she shuts her eyes: “When I know I have an early day the next day, I like to lay out my clothing the night before, so I don't have to think in the morning,” she says. 

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