Why This Fitness Influencer Starts Her Day With Dancing and Ends it With Air Conditioning

As a Barry’s Bootcamp instructor and Puma athlete, Casey Simmons knows all about leading you through the perfect glute workout, says she’d rather do 100 tuck jumps than 100 burpees, was a former Division 1 tennis player at Florida State University, is a certified Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Coach, and believes that abs are made in the kitchen.

So how does this fitness pro make it through her busy days without burning out? Here, she walks us through her morning and evening routines, which are carefully calibrated to give her the energy she needs to get it all done. 

She starts her day by turning up the beat

“Immediately when I wake up, I turn on music,” says Casey. The genre? It depends. “Sometimes country, sometimes hip hop, sometimes deep house,” she says. “I LOVE music because it energizes me, and gets me dancing and moving and ready to start my day.” 

But blasting music isn’t the only way she makes sure her day gets off to a great start. “I make my bed every single day because it leaves me starting my day in a productive way,” says Casey. “I always have my clothes for the day (outfit changes as well) already laid out so I’m ready to go, especially for my earlier mornings.”

Her mornings are for hydration and superfoods

Casey’s morning drink routine wouldn’t be out of place at a fancy mocktail bar. “The first thing I drink in the morning is 16 oz. of water, right before my superfoods powder that I mix into warm lemon water, with a shot of apple cider vinegar on the side,” she says. 

As far as breakfast? “If I’m going straight to workout, I workout on an empty stomach, then eat breakfast,” she says. “If I have clients or classes before I get to workout, I will eat breakfast right away. Breakfast typically consists of either an egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and onions, or I will have oatmeal with vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, berries, and a small scoop of almond butter.”

And then it’s time to get moving

“My first physical activity of the day is either working out—in which case I will do my warm-up stretches and activation exercises before doing a form of cardio and/or lifting weights,” she says, “—or, if I am not going to a workout first, I am most likely going for a walk to a nearby client or to the Barry’s Bootcamp studio to teach a class (I am so grateful to live in walking distance to my job!).”

When it comes to winding down, she finishes up her busywork first…

All the relaxation in the world won’t make up for that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten an email, so Casey spends the first part of her evenings catching up on work. “Typically, in the evening, I am making sure I am prepared for the next day,” she says. “Whether it be programs done for clients, classes, and playlists done for Barry’s, emails that need attention, calls that I have set, etc.—I always make sure I know what my next day will look like and that I am fully prepped for what’s ahead.”

And then it’s time for more lemon water 

“To wind down before bed, I drink warm lemon water, just like I do in the mornings,” she says. “I love the taste, the warmth relaxes me, and lemons assist in digestion and keeping a healthy gut.”

Why her bedroom is a zero-distraction zone

With Casey’s packed schedule, she can’t mess around when it comes to sleep, so she has her routine down to a science. I ensure a good night of sleep by turning my AC down very cool, spraying an aromatherapy mist on my pillows, making sure my bedroom is pitch black, and turning my phone on silent with the lowest brightness and turned over,” she says. “Zero distractions for bedtime.”

Plus, she’s obsessive about how her bed feels. “I always make sure my bed feels as if I were sleeping on a cloud,” she says. “I need a good squishy, snuggly comforter and I always turn my AC down to 64. I LOVE a cold sleep because then I can really bundle up and get cozy! Studies show that your bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep, and I totally stand behind that.”

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