What’s the Best Mattress Topper for Me? MOLECULE’s AirTEC Topper vs. Triple Zone Topper

So you’ve got the perfect alarm clock, the best blackout shades, and a white noise machine designed by NASA—but you’re still looking to level up your sleep situation. It’s time to consider a mattress topper: it’s the perfect way to increase your comfort and enhance your sleep, while bringing you all the benefits that come with better shut-eye, like reduced stress, improved mood, stabilized weight, and even a lowered risk for diabetes and heart disease. 

At MOLECULE, we offer two different types of toppers, each of which offers you a chance to fully recuperate and regenerate overnight. Both of our mattress toppers are Air-Engineered™ to optimize sleep and recovery, constructed from eco-friendly materials, and designed to keep you sleeping deeper for longer. Plus, these premium toppers are a fraction of the price of a new mattress, making them a sensible way to upgrade your bedroom if you’re not ready to redo it from the ground up. But which one is right for you?

Aching back? Try the Triple Zone

Do you wake up sore or stiff? Is your back always giving you trouble first thing in the morning? The Triple Zone is meticulously designed to relieve pressure on your body when you sleep, meaning you’ll wake up feeling lighter than ever. We use our proprietary RestoreFLO™ open-cell gel-infused foam to create a light, supportive topper, and pair it with a 3-zone RecoveryFLO™ adaptive support layer to relieve tension from your aching back. 

Here’s another benefit: it doesn’t matter how much weight you put on the Triple Zone topper. We’ve designed it so that air is consistently flowing throughout the material, no matter how compressed it gets. This means that you can sink right down on it to soothe your aching back without worrying that the cooling, lighter-than-air effect is only going to last for a few days before the topper gets completely molded to your body.

Finally, if budget is an issue, our Triple Zone topper only costs $199, coming in at about $50 less than the AirTEC™. 

Sleep hot? Go for the AirTEC™ 

If you’re the kind of sleeper who tosses and turns and wakes up drenched in sweat, we’ve got a cool-down option for you right here. We’ve topped our deliciously cool AirTEC™ topper with a fiber cover that works overtime to keep your body temperature regulated as you sleep. In fact, every layer of the AirTEC™ works to keep you from overheating, from the MolecularFLO™ extreme open-cell foam to the HexFLO advanced core material, to the RecoveryFLO™ base support layer. 

That HexFLO core material is the most advanced in the industry—it’s a foam core that feels as buoyant as latex, but with far more airflow and durability. Because of this, the foam’s unique properties relieve pressure from the heavy parts of your body, like your head, shoulders, and hips. In fact, the open-cell foam we use has 7x the airflow of traditional memory foam, which can capture body heat and leave you sweltering as you try to sleep. While plenty of toppers are designed to provide comfort and comfort only, we’re proud that the AirTEC™ doesn’t just add a wonderfully soft, supportive layer, but that the science behind it contributes to a better, cooler night’s sleep overall. 

Passionate about recovery? Go with either 

Every one of our MOLECULE products is designed with your overnight recovery in mind. While our toppers have their differences, both of them will be a key player in your own rest and recovery. With Air-Engineered™ designs that harnesses airflow to keep you sleeping cooler and deeper, to eco-friendly manufacturing and microclimate regulating covers, these toppers are an easy, efficient way to take your entire sleeping situation to the next level.